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LED signage can help gas stations succeed in their two main goals:

1. Attract Visitors from the road to be their gas station of choice.

2. Drive Traffic from the gas pump into the store for added sales.

There are many LED sign options to choose from. Whether you’re right on the highway or want to be easily seen from the interstate, AVOE LED Displays can enhance your visibility.  We have gas price changers, pump toppers and general message boards.

By using the wholesale signs you can easily keep customers updated with accurate pricing. These types of signs are simple to use, therefore it is easier to change fuel prices at an instant. If there are any special offers and promotions, the same can be displayed through the use of our LED signs thus creating a long lasting impression on the potential customer. These LED signs come in numerous sizes.

An LED gas price sign is visible throughout the day…and night.

It’s low-maintenance as can be.

People who are in the know will know that you’re being environmentally friendly.

You can make it customized to your unique needs.

LED signs are modern.

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A Truly Superior Digits Gas Price Change Solution

From unmatched brightness control to superior energy efficiency, AVOE strive to build the best gas price signs.

LED Efficiency

Due to the new technology, our LED gas price signs are cheaper and cheaper to maintain, not to mention brighter and longer than traditional neon lights, so you can see your business from miles away, day or night. Customers can rest assured that your price is up-to-date and easy to see, and can rest assured that they are providing the best service.

Fully Customized

AVOE has the appropriate facilities and equipment to completely customize your digital gas price changes. From size to color, we will create custom LED backlight signs according to your specifications. Our team is equipped with all the people needed by designers and manufacturers, and whether you already have a design or are creating one for you, we are ready to take any step.

Take a look below- we offer many colors, options and configurations to suit your individual needs.

· Best Quality & Lowest Prices

· All Sizes Are In Stock With Fast Shipping

· Direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing.

· Ability to control and change up to 8 units with a single wireless remote

· Daisy-chain up to 8 units using a single controller box

· Easy installation, with quick power and signal connectio



Gas Price LED Sign/Gas station sign/Gas station LED price display/Petrol station LED signs
Item Technical Parameters
Color: Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
Digit Height: 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'', 15'', 18'', 20'', 22'', 32'', 36'', 40'', 48'', 60'', 64'', 72', etc.
Digit Design: 7 segments modules are sealed with glue,reach IP65 waterproof grade,with 
dust shade that make LEDs work normally all the time.
Brightness Control: Auto dimming by brightness sensor
Display Dimming: Over 5 levels of automatic intensity adjustment
Viewing Angle: Horizontal:60°-120°,Vertical: 60°-120° or customized
Service Access: Front or rear open
Master/slave: Single sided or double sided, master/slaves available
Cabinet Material: Iron cabinet or aluminum alloy frame
Waterproof Level: IP53 with aluminum alloy frame, IP65 with iron cabinet
Led Driving Mode: Constant current
Power Input: AC/110/220V, 50-60Hz
PC Communication: RS232/485;LAN(TCP/IP) with cables or wireless,customer can choose
Communication Distance: Max.15 meters for RS232, 1200 meters for RS485/422
Remote Control Type: RF remote control (Normal 6 buttons or LCD remote controller)
Continuous Working Time: Unlimited
Lifetime of LEDs: >100,000 hours
Installation Method: Hanging, mounting or per custom design
Working Temperature: -40ºC~75ºC
Display Format: 8.88, 8.888,8.888, 8.88 9/10, 88.88, 88.888 etc.

Gas Price LED Sign Control system


LED Gas Price Signs

Our LED gas price solutions are engineered to extreme standards, providing the industry’s most durable, most legible digits price signs

Standard LEDs available in Red, Green.

LEDs available in blue and white by request.

Cash / Credit digits solutions available.

Scroll Gas Price Signs

Scroll Gas Price Signs

Many city regulations prohibit gas stations from using LED gas station price signs. Other retailers seek lasting, economical solutions for their external price signs. In either case, we provide the industry's only true electronic scrolling solution.

Standard colors in White on Black, White on Red, White on Green, White on Blue.

Use your organization’s custom colors. Made-to-order color options are available.


Cash / Credit Digits Signs


Cash / Credit Digits Signs

Many fuel retailers offer discounts price to cash customers. The cash/credit gas price signs allow you to easily switch between two different prices within the standard interval.

Standard LEDs available in red, green.

LEDs available in blue and white by request.

Rotate between two prices of a single commodity.

LED Pump Top Signs

LED Pump Top Signs

Our LED Pump Top signs provide a convenient way to display fuel prices at the pump.

8” digits are available.

Available in red or green LEDs.

Ability to control and change up to 8 units with a single wireless remote

Daisy-chain up to 8 units using a single controller box






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