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Brief Description:

Poster LED Display Player is a specially designed product targeting for indoor HD LED advertising player with highly integrated hardware and outdoor led display player with high brightness and easy installation, ultra-thin and light body, which can be your first choice to achieve perfect LED advertising display effect.

Poster LED Display embodies features including various installation solutions, easy operation, multiple communication modes, high brightness, low power consumption and ultra-thin body to ensure stable and high-quality display effect even in bright-light venues. It is a new product that overturns traditional LCD ad player (high cost, low-quality picture, uneven brightness, heavy body and high energy consumption), which can be widely installed in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, government agencies, hospitals and so on.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Light weight P2.5mm LED Poster Screen / Digital Poster Display Indoor advertising 640*1920mm

Poster LED display is almost the most popular led screen in recent years. and with slim and fashion outline, 7 color to choose . the most important is easy for software settings compared with traditional advertising ,also can show text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution,high brightness .

Shopping Mall Advertising P2.5mm HD LED Poster Display Floor Stand Alone Easy Moving 640*1920mm.

you can put it in your stores and install it by floor standing, wall mounted, hanging and stacking, even more than 2 screens can connect freely.

LED Poster is suitable for convention and exhibition center, shopping center, conference, hall, wedding, performance, airport station, supermarket. restaurant, movie studio and other occasions.

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1. WiFi / 4G / APP / USB / PC Multiple Communications

2. Advertising publishing remotely & congregated, and audio speaker Integrated in Poster.

3. Easy moving, Stand, Hanging, Wall mounted, Multiple Installation

4. Multiple Pitches P2 / P2.5 / P3

Multiple Sizes & Customized Sizes 1920 x 640/480mm

5. Complete Contents on Multiple Screens Connection

6. HD Image Quality

7. Refresh rate up to 3840Hz;

8. Brightness at 1500nits, 3 times brighter than LCD display; 160°view angle;

9. High color reproduction;

10. Compare with indoor LCD poster, with high brightness, super thin & low-power consumption,

11. LED Digital poster is also suitable for bright occasion.


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Commercial Organizations:Supermarket, Shopping mall, Exclusive agency, Chain shops, Department Stores, Hotel, Restaurants, Travel agency, Pharmacy, Convenient stores, Group Headquarter, etc;

Financial Organizations:Banks, Negotiable Securities, Funds, Insurance company, Pawnshops, etc;

Non-profit Organizations:Telecommunication, Post offices, Hospital, School, etc;

Public Places:Subway; Airport, Railway station, Bus station, Gas station, Toll stations, Bookstore, Parks, Exhibition Hall, Stadium, Museums, Convention centers, Ticket offices, Job center, Lottery center, etc;

Real Estate Property:Apartments, Villas, Office, Commercial Buildings, Model rooms Property Brokers, etc;

Entertainment:Theatre, Fitness Hall, Country Club, Massage Shop, Bars, Cafes, Internet Bars, Beauty shop, Golf course center, etc.

Product specification


Technical parameter

Pixel Pitch


Module Resolution

128*64 dots

Module Size


Pixel configuration


Module Chip


Driving Method


Physical Density

160,000 dots/m2

LED Encapsulation


Module Port


Module Consumption



1000 cd/m2

Cabinet Dimension


Screen Dimension


Cabinet Resolution

256*768 dots

Quantities of module


Cabinet Flatness

Tolerance of inter pixel ≤0.3mm

Cabinet Material


Cabinet Weight


Option Distance


Viewing Angle

Horizontal 140° Vertical 120°

Max. Power consumption


Driving Device


Frame Frequency


Screen Flatness

Tolerance of cabinets ≤0.6mm

Refresh Frequency


Control Mode

Wifi asynchronization

Working Environment

Temperature -10℃~60℃

Humidity 10%~70%

Display Working Voltage

AC110V/220V , 50Hz/60Hz

Colour temperature


Communication distance

Network cable: 100m, Multi-model: 500m,

Single-model fiber: 20km

Gray scale



>10,000 hours

Support video source



Control Mode

Synchronized / asynchronous system

Plug and play, Cross-platform operation

Real time play by connecting to network;

The screen can be controlled with fixed or portable Windows,

IOS & Android devices.

The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player

through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.

Multi-installation Mode

Multi-installation Method Suitable for lifting, wall-mounted, floor-standing and creative installation like inclined strut installation.

Our services

1. Service before sales

On-site inspect, Professional design

Solution confirmation, Training before operation

Software use, Safe operation

Equipment maintenance, Installation debugging

Installation guidance, On-site debugging

Delivery Confirmation

2. After sale service

Quick response

Prompt question resolving

Service tracing

3. Service concept:

Timeliness, considerateness, integrity, satisfaction service.

We are always insisting on our service concept, and proud of the trust and reputation from our clients.

4. Service concept:

Answer any question; Deal with all the complaint; Prompt customer service

We had developed our service organization by responding to and meeting the diverse and demanding needs of customers by service mission. We had become a cost-effective, highly skilled service organization.

5. Service Goal:

What you have thought about is what we need to do well; We must and will do our best to fulfill our promise. We always bear this service goal in mind. We can't boast the best, yet we will do our best to free customers from worries. When you get problems, we had already put forward solutions before you.

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