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P8.928 Decorative AVOE LED Display / RGB LED Screen With Colored Mask Anti-Scratch

P8.928 Decorative RGB Full LED Display with Colored Mask and 250x250mm Front Service Magnet LED Module

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Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality LED display products, which focuses on the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of customized LED display products.

The company's newly developed LED decorative panel screen has a special appearance (anti-collision, anti-scratch, and can decorate the wall); it is coordinated with the building when it is not displayed, and solves the drawback of the decorative LED display "black". to show the different visual impact.

P8.928mm Specification

No. Part Item Technical index
1 Pixel Pixel pitch(mm) 8.928mm
2 Pixel configuration 1R1G1B(SMD)
3 LED Type SMD2727
4 Led density 12545 /㎡
5 Module/cabinet Cabinet Size 250×250(mm)
6 Module resolution 28×28(dot)
7 Cabinet Size 500×500mm
8 Cabinet thickness 60mm includes module thickness
9 Control system Control system WINDOWS(2000,XP,Vista,Win7)
10 Control method Synchronous and asynchronous control
11 input signal format AV S-Video VGA HDMI  DVI.etc.
12 Display technical parameter LED driver Constant current drive 1/7S
13 Refresh frequency 2000hz
14 Grayscale/ Color 65536 Levels
15 Screen brightness 2500 cd/㎡
16 working life >100000hrs
17 out-of-control point ≤3/100000
18 Operating environment For Indoor use
19 Working humidity range 10%--90% RH
20 operating temperature range -20-- 65 ℃
21 Maximum power 600W/㎡
22 Average power 300W/㎡
23 Unit module splicing joint size of the gap splicing joint of the unit board is the same ≤ 2㎜
24 optimum distance 8-60m
25 visual angle H 140°/ V 140°
26 surface evenness maximum error ≤ 2㎜
27 uniformity Module brightness uniformity 1:1
28 Display content Video DVD TV Image words flash and others
29 Continuous failure free working time ≥10000hrs
30 interface RJ45 network interface
31 Control distance multimode fiber<500m, CAT5 <100m
32 Protection technology Damp-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static and lightning-proof, with over-flow, short-circuit, over-pressure and under-pressure protection
33 Software General LED Studio software

Design concept

1. The LED display is more than just a big TV. With the decorative panel, it has more room to play.

The display and the decoration are perfectly combined to complement each other.


2. Not all displays require HD, and if so, how the fireworks bloom beautifully.

The decoration needs beauty and layering, we all have it, the mosaic is still very charming;

The LED screen is no longer so noble, it can be in close contact with us, with an interactive system, he can hug you.

Product Features

When the LED screen is not bright, it will be black, affecting the appearance, not being able to collide, fragile, and having the risk of electric leakage. When the decorative panel is not bright, the high-end atmosphere is beautiful, and it can be bumped, safe, and positive. It does not affect daily care and can be wiped. The color is soft and not glaring.

This occasion focuses on the overall effect, the environment rendering, does not require high definition.

LED decorative panel screen pioneer to solve the black screen, highlighting the charm, collision resistance, not glare

High definition is only suitable for watching movies, used by various command centers

And to render the atmosphere, you only need colorful effects, clarity is not important to you.

The impact on the visual is what you want, isn't it?


Three major technological innovations

1. It is integrated with the wall or architectural color (customizable appearance color, need proofing test), it will not be black when it is not bright; overall atmosphere, beautiful;

2. The front of the screen body is anti-collision, installed in a contactable occasion, and equipped with an interactive system to directly contact the screen body;

3. The display screen is soft, effectively reducing the moiré, and the colorful effect is outstanding.

Competitive Advantages

1. High quality;

2. Competitive price;

3. 24-hours service;

4. Promote delivery;

5. Energy-saving;

6. Small order accepted.

Our services

1. Pre-sales service

On-site inspect, Professional design

Solution confirmation, Training before operation

Software use,  Safe operation

Equipment maintenance, Installation debugging

Installation guidance, On-site debugging

Delivery Confirmation

2. In-sales service

Production as per the order instructions

Keep all information updated

Solve customers questions

3. After sales service

Quick response

Prompt question resolving

Service tracing

4. Service concept:

Timeliness, considerateness, integrity, satisfaction service.

We are always insisting on our service concept, and proud of the trust and reputation from our clients.

5. Service Mission

Answer any question;

Deal with all the complaint;

Prompt customer service

We have developed our service organization by responding to and meeting the diverse and demanding needs of customers by service mission. We had become a cost-effective, highly skilled service organization.

6. Service Goal:

What you have thought about is what we need to do well; We must and will do our best to fulfill our promise. We always bear this service goal in mind. We can't boast the best, yet we will do our best to free customers from worries. When you get problems, we have already put forward solutions before you.


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